Luxe made affordable. Everyone deserves to feel pretty & look fab (inside out)! 

We hope each piece serves as a reminder to give love not judgement & to give that boost of confidence whenever you need that extra oomph - for you to proudly wear you.

What it means to be bXss lady 

To be yourself, and acknowledge that you are deserving to shine in your own light. Also to embrace and accept self and others as we are all unique.

She who is a dreamer yet a realist.  
Aspiring artist of her destiny.
She is a paradox.
She is predictable in her unpredictability.
She was just, herself.
Whoever she felt like being in that moment anyways.
The phrase "boss lady" is so widely used these days that it may seem as sucha cliche-  to adopt this as a brand name, really? One might wonder.. Hmmmm.. yes, things may seem like a cliche, on the surface. 
Though, in life, there is much more than what meets the eye.
Just as we as a brand hope to embody. Life itself.
Behind every piece, there lies a story beyond the surface.
We place a strong emphasis & the significance of its meaning with the "X"
[ 'X' = ? ? ? ]  representing Ambiguity / one big fat quest?on mark
kinda like an abstract piece of art. 
Our name/ pieces aspire to portrays just that. Life. Just as it is. unpredictable. 
You are an art form. Express yourself. Let it shine
Everyday is a new day, you can be a new you. Once you realize that, thats when the magic happens. 
Break free from the cocoon.   


You are not defined by your past. (Rinse & Repeat) Remember. [Mantra]
  We all make mistakes. We live, We learn. We grow. 
 - We Evolve.

Never live reality according to society's expectations, nor let anyone dictate what to do and how to feel.


Inspired to inspire. bXsslady was born. 

We're all about love, support, and acceptance. To oneself and others.
Stay kind. 
Everyone is facing a battle we don’t know about - a little kindness goes a long way. Especially knowing how it's like to go through the lows, and then being kicked whilst you’re down. And then to have someone's unwavering support. Beyond blessed to be on both ends, the receiving side of a pure act of kindness; to being able to give back.  
That glimmer in the eye. That heartfelt moment shared.
To know that kindness still lives on. To find good in the world.   
Hope. Reignited hope. Love is all around. 
Why the labels/ judgements/ hate? Start by being the change you want to see in the world instead.
About time to just be real. Get real with life. Step out of the shadow of the past & the fear. Give love not judgement.
We are guided. Have faith & Trust the process


bXss — bosses are perceived as a more dominant male energy
Lady — femininity

In life, we embody both energies. Its learning the balancing of the two. The yin and the yang.
There’s good in the bad and bad in the good. Who gets to dictate em, anyways?

Follow your passion; chase your dreams. Be happy with you.

Stay positive, hopeful & please; never never ever, lose faith.
Trust in the Universe. Gaia has your back.
Does our pieces speak to you? What does it say?
We'd like to hear your story, please do share as you never know how much it could inspire others & also realize that we are not alone.
It’s our brand. It’s our way of life.
hopefully, this sparked something in you.
The way it does to us when we see our pieces shine on you.
Your Vibe attracts your Tribe

Own you -  bXsslady it up ~ sweet souls.

Vibe with us 
 much love